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  • How Effective are Motorcycle Helmets?

    Recently in the news, there was an article about a 46-year old man who was killed in a motorcycle accident. As he approached a major intersection, he used his brakes at the last second rather than casually slowing down, according to the Highway Patrol officer. “Suffering From Severe Head And Torso Injuries, The Victim Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet…” The motorcyclist skidded into the middle of the ...
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  • If a Motorcyclist isn't Wearing a Helmet, can they Still Recover for Injuries Caused by another Driver?

    Almost every state has a law in place which requires motorcycle operators to wear helmets. California has a universal helmet law which requires anyone driving or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle to wear a helmet that meets regulations set by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. If you get into a motorcycle accident in any state with a similar helmet law, and you are wearing a helmet, ...
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  • Motorcyclist Wins $5.4 million in Settlement against the U.S. Government

    In June of 2014, a motorcyclist received $5.4 million in damages from the United States Government. Plaintiff John B. Hendrickson suffered severe injuries after a motorcycle collision with an on-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent, which resulted in Hendrickson’s leg being amputated. The court awarded $6.3 million overall, attributing the fault 85 percent to the U.S. Government and 15 percent to ...
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  • I Wasn't Wearing a Helmet

    Motorcycles are incredibly popular in Southern California. If you ride one, the odds of you being involved in an accident and traumatically hurt are much greater than your odds of being injured in a car accident . Hundreds of people are injured and killed every day due to motorcycle accidents. What happens if you get into a motorcycle accident and you weren’t wearing a helmet? Can you still get ...
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  • Heavy Traffic Causes Another Motorcycle Accident

    With the warm Southern California weather, many individuals have taken to riding motorcycles on a daily basis. Recently a 54-year old man was killed after he lost control of his motorcycle, crashing into another vehicle. The impact then sent the victim onto the right shoulder where he then struck the guardrail, causing him to be ejected – he fell about 60 feet down an embankment on the side of the ...
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  • Man Killed In Motorcycle Accident

    Many motorcyclists get into serious accidents because other drivers simply fail to notice them in traffic or at night. When a driver fails to see a motorcycle and causes an accident, the injuries sustained are often serious and can be life-changing or worse. It was a beautiful morning when a Redlands man decided to take a ride on his motorcycle. It never entered his mind that he wouldn’t return ...
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    A car was rear-ended at high speed on a freeway exit, causing the bumper to be pushed into back seat where a 22-year- old ...

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    National package delivery truck driver veered from his lane of traffic to on-coming lane and hit head on, drove up, and over ...

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    A school van turned left in front of a motorcyclist, nearly taking off his lower left leg. The accident resulted in a serious ...