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  • Amusement Park Accidents

    Accidents happen all the time, even in places where we expect to be having the most fun. Amusement parks are really no exception. In fact, amusement park rides like roller coasters, water slides, and bumper cars can cause thousands of injuries each and every year! Injuries resulting from these accidents can range from cuts and bruises, to broken bones or severe head trauma – and even, in some ...
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  • The 10 Most Dangerous Amusement Park Rides

    According to the Daily Beast, over 2000 Americans were injured in accidents relating to amusement park rides. The data comes from 10 states, with California and Pennsylvania accounting for about two thirds of the injuries, and Massachusetts, Alaska, and Nebraska recorded zero amusement park injuries. Injuries in the 830 accidents examined ranged from spinal cord injuries to concussions to simple ...
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  • Failure To Inspect Amusement Park Rides

    The National Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 270 million people visit amusement parks every year. Approximately 7,000 of these people are treated in emergency rooms for injuries they sustained in amusement park ride accidents. Sometime in the spring, amusement parks begin preparations to open to the public. As part of these preparations maintenance staff must inspect park ...
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  • Who is Liable for Waterpark Injuries?

    Water parks can be fun places for everyone in the family, but unfortunately they are also common sites for injury. Often, injuries occur because of the high-risk nature of the attractions, like water slides, which account for 86 percent of waterpark injuries. In addition to high-speed slides and dangerous attractions, water parks can be dangerous because they often become overcrowded. Overcrowding ...
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  • Summer Safety

    The late summer is a time to get all your fun summer activities in, such as vacationing, swimming, barbeques, or going to amusement parks. It is important to take into account possible safety hazards that might cause accidents, turning a fun summer day into a tragic one. The extreme heat present in August can prove dangerous, as can unprotected swimming pools, food borne illness in poorly prepared ...
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  • Recent Lawsuits Prove: Any Injury in an Amusement Park can Warrant a Lawsuit

    In Anaheim, California, a recently filed lawsuit against an amusement park found that an injury does not have to be particularly severe to warrant legal action. Rather, if an individual gets an injury that causes the person pain and suffering, or is found to be debilitating in any way, then than individual can reasonably file for a lawsuit. The case in question involves a woman from Palisades ...
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  • The Type of Injuries you risk at Amusement Parks

    Behind the bright lights, exhilarating rides and loud sounds of an amusement park are the issues of safety. Amusement parks have the same responsibility for the safety of their guests as any other property owner – despite the inherent danger of the activities they provide. Although amusement parks can be a fun and enjoyable place to visit, amusement park accidents can be serious, resulting in ...
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