Don't Post About Your Injury on Social Media

In this connected age, it seems that many of us use at least one form of social media to keep in touch with friends and family, share updates, play games, and preserve memories and ideas. After an accident, it may be easy to share information about your injuries and accident on social media to keep your loved ones up-to-date. Sharing this information can threaten your claim, however. Find out how your social media posts can harm your chances at receiving the compensation you need.

“I’m Fine.” Posts

After an accident, you may want to hop on and post a quick message to let others know that you’re safe before news of your accident spreads and you receive panicked phone calls. Insurance companies may look at your social media accounts for evidence that your injuries aren’t as severe as you have claimed. By posting that you are all right, you may give insurance companies enough evidence to argue that you are uninjured. If you have to post about your injury, confirm that you were in an accident, but state that you aren’t able to speak about your injuries or accident details until your claim has been settled.

Check-Ins, Tags, and Pictures

You may be feeling a little stir crazy and looking to get out of the house, but be careful about sharing your activities to social media. Checking-in to a favorite bar or a baseball game may show insurance companies that you are not suffering or losing the enjoyment of your life. You should also be careful about what you are tagged in or what is posted by friends. A tagged photo, post, or check-in can tip off insurance companies that you are still being active, even if you aren’t posting about it. You should also be aware that many social media platforms use your phone’s location services to add a location tag to your posts. Consider disabling your location services and refraining from going on social media until after your claim has been resolved.


Insurance companies may also look at your commenting history for evidence to use against you. While you may not post about your injuries, you may respond to a friend’s comment asking you how you feel. Even small pieces of evidence can be built into an argument that puts your claim at risk.

Controlling Your Social Media Presence

If you have already posted about your accident, you should talk to your personal injury attorney. They can advise you how to proceed, and if you are able to delete your activity. It is best if you can avoid going on social media until after your claim has been settled, but if you are unable to stay off, be sure to avoid posting anything that may allow insurance companies to question your claim. Set your privacy settings to the strictest possible, and set your account to require your approval before allowing you to be tagged in a post. Ask your friends and family to avoid tagging you and let them know you’ll discuss your accident once your lawyer advises you that you are free to do so.

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