Workers Compensation: Information & Help

Workers’ Compensation: Information & HelpIf you have become injured and need help withworkers’ compensation benefits, you will want to know whom you can turn to for further information. Not everything will be placed right out in front of you in writing, which is why it is best to look forward to receiving help from other sources. Your employer could be your best reference when it comes to receiving information because they are required to post this information as well as give you written materials that explain workers’ compensation on a whole new level. You may also be able to get into contact with a claims administrator, who handles workers’ compensation claims for your employer. They are required to send you written information about your claim and may answer any questions you have.

Along with this, in California you may be able to get in touch with your State Division of Workers’ Compensation. The DWC administers the laws surrounding workers’ compensation and helps to provide information and help to all injured workers. Here are some of the services they offer:

  • Information & Assistance: They will answer any questions you have and also help you resolve any claim issues. The best part – the services are free!
  • Medical Unit: When an injured worker disagrees with a decision to deny treatment recommended by a treating physician, this is where Medical Unit comes in. They oversee medical provider networks, conduct independent medical reviews when an injured worker disagrees, and much more.
  • Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board: In this situation, a workers’ compensation judge will hear cases and decide on problems and disputes. Your attorney can request a hearing and represent you before the judge. However, you may disagree with the judge’s decision. This is where you would request reconsideration of the judge’s decision by an Appeals Board.

How an Attorney Can Help

Attorneys can be your best legal help when you are involved in a workplace accident case. They will be able to help you with workers’ compensation as well as many other aspects of the process. An attorney will protect your rights, plan a strategy to receive compensation, be your advocate, gather information that supports your claim, keep track of deadlines, and represent you in hearings that take place before a workers’ compensation judge.

There are many occasions in which you may need an attorney on your side after you have been injured on-the-job. You may need legal aid if you believe your employer or the claims administrator is treating you unfairly or withholding benefits, for instance. You are entitled to rights. You may also need an attorney if you have a permanent disability that limits you or causes pain, or you aren’t sure how to proceed with your case and you have nobody else to help. However, you may want to consider a drawback. If you hire an attorney, their fees will be taken out of your benefits. Be prepared for this if you hire an attorney and involve yourself in the complete process.

If you have a workers’ compensation or job injury claim and need guidance on your side, legal representation is your best bet. This is why it is a good idea to call Welebir Law as soon as possible to get started on your case. We will guide you through the complex process and let you know your rights as a whole. Call today for more information.

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