Skiing and Snowboarding Accidents and Lawsuits

Skiing and Snowboarding Accidents and LawsuitsThere are many types of skiing and snowboarding injuries and many common causes of these accidents as well. Each year, people sustain injuries from the things they enjoy doing the most – and, in worst case scenarios, these situations sometimes even end in fatality. Injuries that result from these accidents range from relatively mild injuries like knee injuries and fractures to severe conditions like serious head and spinal injuries. Recently, the CDC conducted a study and came to the conclusion that there has been a dramatic increase in traumatic brain injuries as a result of skiing and snowboarding accidents. The sad fact of the matter is that children and adolescents were greatly affected in these numbers.

As mentioned, there are some types of skiing and snowboarding accidents that are more common than others. These include collisions with other skiers or snowboarders, falls or collisions with objects like trees or fences, chair lift accidents, accidents due to inadequate instruction given, and accidents due to skiing or snowboarding equipment failure.

Ski Resort Liability
In some instances, you may get injured at a ski resort while not on the slopes. The “inherent risk of skiing” rules will not apply and the resort may actually be liable to you like any other person involved. For example, you may fall on a sidewalk at the ski resort. If you can prove that there was negligence involved, then the ski resort may be liable. This, however, may fall under a premises liability injury claim.

Preserving Evidence After an Accident on the Slopes
If you have been injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident, in many cases you will have been with friends. If this is the case, you should tell your friends to take as many pictures as possible of the accident scene. This includes looking down upon the accident scene, looking up, and from near the scene. They should also take pictures of the person who hit you if another person has been involved, and any damage done to equipment. When all of these pictures are taken, you or your friends should get the names and contact information of any people involved or who may have witnessed the collision.

How Can Insurance Coverage Affect Your Case?
Another person may be at fault in your case, sure, but this doesn’t mean that you will be able to recover damages from them. This is mostly due to the fact that not every person has insurance. If this is the case, then he or she will not be able to pay you damages. If the person has homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, then it will typically provide coverage for your injuries; however, not every person carries these types of insurance. These policies almost never provide proper coverage for the actions of other people who do not have insurance.

Compensation From These Injury Cases
Damages involved in skiing and snowboarding cases are meant to compensate an injured person for the losses that were caused by their injuries. The compensation that you can receive depends greatly on the injuries sustained and their overall severity. This would typically include reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident, then the best place you can turn is to a trusted and experienced personal injury attorney. There are many ski resorts in California and this means there is a chance that you may become injured by another person’s negligence. Call Welebir Law for a consultation and to speak to an attorney who understands the complex laws surrounding your case.


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