Broken Bones and Associated Complications

iStock_000025955877_Large-300x200Nearly everyone endures a broken bone, and the literal and metaphorical headaches that ensue. Situations that result in broken bones may be unavoidable, but knowing what you’re at risk for greatly aids anyone suffering from injury in knowing if they should seek legal action in response to unnecessary extra complications.

Broken bones can be paired with a variety of complications, depending on the cause of the fracture and the severity of the incident. The three most common causes of broken bones are trauma, overuse, and osteoporosis.

Broken Bones and Trauma

Acute complications–injury directly resulting from trauma–may lead to damage to vascular structures, nerves, and soft tissue. These injuries could even be life threatening, such as femur fractures that disrupt the femoral artery, rib fractures that result in punctured internal organs, or pelvic fractures that severely damage pelvic arteries.

If the incident that cause the fracture was severe, your body may even require surgery to sufficiently heal. Any surgery comes with risk and complications; depending on the severity of injury you’re dealing with, you may be at a higher or lower level of risk. Bleeding, blood clots, infection and the chance of allergic reaction to anesthesia are the risks most commonly held across all levels of severity.

Broken Bones and Overuse

The majority of broken bones caused by overuse results in stress fractures, or small cracks in bones. Typically these fractures occur in the weight bearing portions of the legs that hold the most consistent pressure. The most common complications associated with stress fractures are nonunions–when a broken bone fails to heal–and malunions–when a broken bone heals in an abnormal position.

Broken Bones and Age

Broken bones that result from brittling due to old age are posing an increasing threat to a longer living America. A lifetime of poor diet choices may compound to leave you with poor bone strength at an older age. Broken bones due to the brittling effects of osteoporosis alone costs America $18 billion dollars a year. However, according to the Surgeon General, weak bones are avoidable, provided you’re taking the right steps to ensure bone health. The most common complications of osteoporosis are also nonunions and malunions.

No matter the severity of fracture is ailing you, your suffering should and can be relatively minimal. Asking a loved one to aid you in researching what should and shouldn’t go wrong with a broken bone incident is important, as it could lessen the extent of the injury you sustain.


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