What if my Accident Injuries Don't Show up Right Away?

Every day, people all around the United States are involved in car accidents. Sometimes when the accident seems very minor, they don’t notice any symptoms of injury right off the bat. When a car accident occurs, you could be given a heightened level of excitement when your body reacts by generating adrenaline and endorphins. This will give you a sense of increased energy and, in some cases, a lack of pain. You may feel fine after an accident, sure – but this doesn’t always mean that you are fine. Once these chemicals subside in your body, you may start to feel the pain of any real injuries you have sustained.

Soft Tissue Injuries and Concussion
Soft tissue injuries include damage done to parts of the body that aren’t bone, which can include muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Drivers and passengers involved in car accidents may get thrown around quite a bit inside the vehicle when it comes to a sudden stop. This can place a lot of stress on joints and other vulnerable areas of the body. “Whiplash” is also known as a soft tissue injury and one that many people are familiar with. This is an injury to the neck muscles when the head is forcefully thrown forward and then right back again.

Soft tissue injuries will typically result in pain, swelling, and reduced mobility. However, those symptoms may not show up immediately. Sometimes they will show up days or even weeks after the accident occurs. Soft tissue injuries are also not visible on X-rays, which makes them way more challenging to diagnose and document.

As far as concussions go, if you are struck in the head during a car accident, your brain may strike the inside of your skull with a great force. From this, you may sustain a concussion. Concussions are very serious and symptoms typically won’t show up right away. However, when they do, some symptoms may include clouded thinking, inability to concentrate, headache, blurry vision, nausea, dizziness, lack of energy, and more.

Seeing Your Doctor
If you have any level of pain, even the smallest amount, you should see your doctor. Pain and discomfort could manifest into something much more serious down the line. Your doctor will be able to make a determination whether or not you sustained any serious injuries from the accident. They can also give you helpful advice on monitoring symptoms of potential injuries. Later on, documentation of your medical visit will come in handy if you have a case and an insurance adjuster speaks with you.

When it Comes to Work Injuries
Sometimes, injuries happen on the job. If you don’t realize that you are injured right away, you may run into some issues down the road. This is because many states have a very short period of time in which you must report the accident if you want to be covered under workers’ compensation law. If you are involved in an accident on the job, it is in your best interest to report the accident. Speaking to an attorney after this is always a good idea as well to aid you in your accident and possible claim.


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