Personal Injury Claims: When You Need a Lawyer

Personal Injury Claims: When You Need a LawyerYou may have heard it once before: Lawyers can be expensive. However, there are benefits to having a lawyer represent you in your case; they have the experience that you wouldn’t typically on your own, and can be very worth the money you must pay them to represent you. You may need to look into a lawyer depending on your case if there are complex legal rules surrounding your claim or because the severity of the injuries you’ve sustained might cause your compensation to greatly vary. But when should you most always look into getting a lawyer?

In the case of long-term or permanently disabling injuries, you would want to seek the help of a lawyer. Nobody deserves to go through an accident that results in injuries that affect physical capabilities or appearance for an extended amount of time, or even permanently.

You may also want to seek a lawyer if you suffer fromsevere injuries. The amount of your accident compensation can be determined by how severe the injuries were. Severity of injuries is often measured by the amount of your medical bills, the type of injuries sustained, and the length of time it takes for you to recover. Compensation range can become wider and it may be worth the expense to have a lawyer on your side to make sure you receive compensation at the highest end of the range.

In a medical malpractice case, you may want to hire a lawyer. Medical malpractice could have come into place if you have suffered an injury from a careless, unprofessional, or incompetent doctor, nurse, hospital, or clinic. Medical questions and the legal rules involved can be very complex. A lawyer will understand these rules and have the experience required.

Finally, you will want a good personal injury lawyer by your side if an insurance company is refusing to pay for your injuries. In some cases, regardless of the nature of your injury or the amount of your medical bills and lost income, an insurance company or government agency will refuse to make a fair settlement offer at all.

In what cases wouldn’t you need a lawyer?

In some cases, the claims process may be extremely simple. Some claims will involve no more than a few short letters and phone calls with an insurance adjuster, so you may not need a lawyer to explain any complex rules. In a simple injury claim, you may understand that you know your claim better than anyone. You may be able to settle certain injury claims easily on your own.

However, one thing to remember is that a simple injury claim may end up being more. Minor injuries may turn into major ones in the blink of an eye. If your injuries end up being worse than you and your doctor thought, and you have already accepted a settlement offer, there is nothing you can then do about it. You give up any and all future claims arising from the accident when you choose to settle. With a good lawyer on your side, you will be advised to wait until you know the full extent of your injuries, and will help you in the determination of the right time to accept an offer! Call Welebir Law today to speak about your potential case and get the help you deserve. They will answer any and all questions you might have.


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