Defective Drugs: Yaz / Yasmin

Defective Drugs: Yaz/YasminYaz and Yasmin birth control pills, manufactured by drug company Bayer, have undergone scrutiny over the past few years for complications they can cause to patients. Though they have never been formally recalled, stringent reviews were called for concerning the pills so that federal regulators could get a better view into what could be done about complications caused by them. Lawsuits have sprung up over the years as well.

Recall Prompting

When Yaz first hit the market, things were seemingly good and the drug was all ready to go. However, within months, stories about complications caused by Yaz started to crop up all over the United States. Independent researchers started investigating on their own and discovered what other industry-funded studies could not. The FDA was one of these research groups, who found that there was a 74% increased risk of blood clots among those taking other birth control pills. This made many ask for a prompt recall of the drug, which did not occur. This could partially be because of the backing up that Bayer did concerning their own drug. After the threat of recalls, Bayer shot back that there were no risks associated with Yaz aside from already documented risks that all birth control pills have. They felt that there was no reason for the birth control to be recalled.

The Problems With Synthetic Progesterone

Yaz, like many other birth control pills, contains a synthetic estrogen and synthetic progesterone. The synthetic estrogen in Yaz is very similar to that used in other oral contraceptives; however, the synthetic progesterone known as drospirenone has been called into question. The reason why is because drospirenone, which is similar in chemical makeup to a popular diuretic, has been linked to an increase in blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, strokes, gallbladder disease, and elevated potassium levels.

In December of 2008, it was decided by an FDA panel voting that warning labels on Yaz needed to be strengthened. The FDA decided to issue the most serious of labels, a black box warning, which would appear on all Yaz and Yasmin packaging. This label cautions women who smoke about an increased risk of serious cardiovascular side effects that may occur if they use either drug.


Plaintiffs involved in lawsuits against Yaz and Yasmin include allegations that the drugs were marketed and advertised in a way that exaggerated benefits such as acne reduction and even downplayed the very serious dangers associated with the drug. Thousands of injuries and 100 deaths are links to Yaz through these severe side effects and Bayer ended up being charged with failing to highlight the risks associated with the contraceptives. These claims in lawsuits included negligence, strict product liability, breach of express and implied warranties, fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, medical monitoring, and fraud and deceit. According to Bayer, as of March 2014 it had settled 8,250 cases for $1.7 billion. More cases continue in state and federal courts nationwide.

When it comes to filing a legal claim, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit for your Yaz or Yasmin injuries. If you or a loved one has died as a result of using these contraceptives, furthermore, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Speak to an experienced lawyer at Welebir Law today to see where you stand with your claim.


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