Traffic Accident FAQWere you involved in a traffic accident and wonder where you should turn next? Or are you just interested in understanding the general questions surrounding what actions you should take if such a thing were to ever happen to you? Read on for a list of some of the most important questions you should ask yourself and answers that will guide you through the process of what happens regarding a traffic accident.

What are the first steps you should take after a traffic accident?

  • Call the police: A police officer will be able to make a police report, assess intoxication of any drivers, and direct traffic around the accident. A police report may be particularly useful to you since it could be used in a lawsuit or an insurance claim investigation.
  • Information exchange: All drivers involved should exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information.
  • Photographs: Photographs could later serve as great evidence. Take photos of the accident scene and the vehicles to provide documentation that can help establish an insurance claim or liability.
  • Insurance provider report: Insurance companies conduct their own investigation into the traffic accident. They will make a detailed report about the damages to the vehicles, the losses, and will obtain statements from the drivers and witnesses.
  • Injury documentation: Keep a good record of medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, out-of-pocket expenses, and more in regards to your injuries. Accurate record keeping of these damages will help determine the compensation a person can receive from a lawsuit or insurance claim.

Is it vital to release my medical records to another driver’s insurance adjuster? No! Medical record releases should only be signed under limited circumstances and after one consults with a personal injury trial lawyer. When in the hands of an insurance adjuster, your medical information might hurt your case.

What if the accident may have partially been my fault? It is typically not up to you to assess if the accident was even partially your fault. In some cases, the cause could have fallen on defective equipment in your vehicle, a malfunctioning traffic signal, or another driver’s intoxication. Your attorney will be able to investigate and evaluate the case based on these things. Accepting blame and apologizing to another driver may be used against you at trial, and a judge or jury should always decide who is at fault.

How is accident liability determined? The careless person was responsible for the accident and this assessment will usually be made by determining whether or not a driver violated a traffic law. Every state will have various traffic laws that will guide how drivers must behave on the road. A violation of a traffic law like a speed limit or a U-turn, may determine the responsible party.

Who can I sue for a trucking accident? You must understand that determining responsibility in a trucking accident can be a complicated process. Some of the people who may be held responsible could include the driver of the truck, the owner of the truck, the person or company that leased the truck, the manufacturer of the truck, or more. It is important that you consult a lawyer to help you make these determinations.

A lawyer can always be helpful to your case if you have been involved in a traffic accident. They will help answer any further questions you may have and work with you to make your claim. Call Welebir Law today for a consultation and to begin working with a lawyer you can trust!


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