Making an Injury Claim for Whiplash After an Accident

Making an Injury Claim for Whiplash After an AccidentWhen you have been injured in an accident, you may believe that every injury will be visible on the surface. However, symptoms of something known as whiplash do not occur immediately but instead over the course of a few days after a collision happens in many cases. This means that, no matter what kind of accident you were involved in when it comes to car accidents, you should always seek some sort of medical attention. If you are suffering from whiplash you may experience things like neck or shoulder pain and stiffness, soreness or pain in the jaw, weakness in one or both arms, dizziness and vomiting, blurred vision, or ringing of the ears.

Yes, it is very important to seek medical attention right after an accident takes place. Paramedics may be dispatched to the scene of your accident immediately; however, if they are not, you should seek attention elsewhere. As a personal injury victim, one of the worst things that you can do is delay medical treatment as it may keep you from gaining rightful compensation later down the line. The longer you wait, the more likely an adjuster will allege that your injury was not very serious. Your injury will become more credible if you seek medical attention right off the bat.

You Should File a Claim as Soon as Possible

Have you received medical documentation regarding your whiplash? Then you should not delay in starting the claim process. Perhaps you live in a no-fault state – in that case, you will want to notify your insurance carrier. If you live in a state that allows suits for auto accidents, you should notify the driver’s insurance company in writing of which injuries you received and that you have intentions of filing a claim. You never know if your injuries will get worse or better, so you should act quickly. If you act quickly, you will receive reimbursement for your medical bills sooner.

Step-by-Step on How to Build Your Whiplash Personal Injury Claim

  • Seek proper medical attention: Treating your injuries should always be first priority. You should be prepared to seek medical attention so that, later on, you will be able to convince a claims adjuster of the seriousness of your injury. If you wait several days to seek care, this may not work out as well for you.
  • Choose a qualified medical professional: Seeking a credible physician is always your best option. If you believe that you have whiplash, you should seek your primary care physician. If they are unable to treat your injuries, they will refer you to an orthopedist or other specialist, which will be credible enough to help your adjuster take you seriously.
  • Gather proper medical documentation: You must establish a paper trial of medical documentation. Medical documentation should include things like emergency room admission forms, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, and doctor’s notes.
  • Beware of IMEs: If you are diagnosed with whiplash, the adjuster usually won’t disagree. If the adjuster doesn’t agree, however, they may make you submit to something known as an Independent Medical Exam. This is a medical evaluation performed by a physician chosen by the insurance company.

Have you been injured in an accident and received whiplash as a result? Then, fortunately for you, you have options to receive compensation for your medical bills. It is a good idea to talk to an attorney that you can trust about your case. Call Welebir Law for more information.


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