Does My Homeowners' Insurance Cover Accidents That Occur Off My Property?

Does My Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Accidents That Occur Off My Property?What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Do?
If you accidentally injure someone or damage their property, you may owe somebody a lot of money in damages. Home equity may look like money signs to some people, and attorneys are well versed in this. To help protect you, homeowner’s policies will usually provide coverage for accidents that happen on your property or those that occur away from home.

Only certain types of cases are covered, though. For instance, your homeowner’s insurance does not cover accidents that happen in your car – this is where automobile insurance steps in. However, not all accidents are going to happen on the roadway. In these cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy may protect you, as long as you didn’t cause the accident on purpose. This can be better explained in the following points:

  • Negligence: Your negligence is typically covered. The law expects everyone to act reasonably all the time, and if you do not do what is reasonable, you are being negligent. However, even if you were being negligent, your homeowner’s policy will usually cover you and your family.
  • Intentional Bad Acts: The difference is that your homeowner’s policy will not cover intentional acts where you purposefully try to hurt someone or damage their property. This can include assault and battery, vandalism, and workplace or sexual harassment.

What To Do When Sued
When you are sued, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. A good indication of being sued is if you receive documents with the words “Summons” and “Complaint” on them. Your insurance carrier will work with you to review your documents and let you know whether or not the lawsuit will be covered under the terms of your policy. However, if not covered, you should speak to your attorney immediately.

There could be many benefits of insurance coverage in case of a lawsuit. You may get an attorney to represent you, which means that they will be in charge of responding to the complaint and deciding the best course of action to take next. They will respond to the other sides’ requests for information, and appear at a deposition if the other side wants to ask you questions in person. Most insurance cases will also settle with minimal participation from you.

Liability insurance pays for the things that the people suing you are asking for. This can include medical bills, property damage, and money for the pain and suffering that was caused by the injury. Insurance coverage will also pay for your litigation costs, which can include attorney’s fees.

You can always find out what your policy covers to get a better idea of where you stand. Liability insurance is standard in many homeowners’ insurance policies, but there is no law that requires you to carry this coverage. You may want to seek the help of an experienced attorney with your case. Call Welebir Law today to find out more.


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