Car Accident Claims and Protecting Your Legal Rights

iStock_000025517012_LargeNobody expects a car accident. No, they are just one of those things that happen like most accidents. But the problem is: When they happen, where do you turn and what steps do you take? What rights do you have? When somebody has done something negligent and it led to an accident, they will typically be found “at fault” for the accident. So, when a car accident happens and it was a fault of another, what do you do to protect your own rights? There are many steps you can take after the accident has occurred.

Get the Police Involved: When an accident occurs, it is always a good and smart decision to involve the police, even when the accident is minor. This is because the police will issue a police report, which will become a useful element in your case. It helps to establish the facts and will become a key part in helping when you have to argue it out with the insurance adjuster over liability issues(AllLaw).

However, you should also be aware that police reports sometimes come with errors, like many things in life. If this is the case, you should always know that a police report could be fixed at any time. Police departments have specific procedures for objecting to a report, so you should talk to the department involved with your report to find out what you can do to have things straightened out.

The Importance of Information and Pictures: You should always gather photographs, witnesses, names, and contact information before you leave an accident scene. You should photograph various vehicle positions, body damages, and road conditions involved that day. You should always collect and keep this information for the safety of your case.

See a Doctor: If you believe you are injured or there is the possibility that something may have occurred in the slightest, it is always in your best interest to see a doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes you may even leave the scene and head straight to the hospital depending on the severity of the accident. Pain from soft tissue injuries to the spine, muscles, and more may manifest days or weeks after an accident takes place so that is something of importance to note. If you visit a doctor or hospital, this will immediately document your injuries and begin proper treatment.

If you have doctor’s appointments after your treatment, you should never miss them. Your case could be significantly weakened if you even skip as little as one trip. The insurance adjuster will begin making arguments that you must not have been in too bad of shape if you couldn’t keep your appointments, which could end in lower or denied compensation for your injuries.

Never Give a Recorded Statement: When it comes to insurance representatives, do not give a recorded statement to them. If you have a lawyer with you, they will guide you on what to say and what not to say, but otherwise, do not do this by yourself. You must make sure that all facts about the accident are fully expressed and that you don’t misspeak when you are confronted from all angles.

Seek a Lawyer and Stay Realistic About Your Claim: You should always go into a case with realistic expectations about case worth. You may receive compensation for medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering, sure – but that isn’t always the case and you have to be prepared for that. Seeking wonderful legal representation from somebody experienced in this type of claim can help your case to a full extent. You can call Welebir | Tierney today to speak to an attorney with just that type of experience and get back on track to living your life. Call now and get started.

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