The 10 Most Dangerous Amusement Park Rides

TOP RATED AMUSEMENT PARK INJURY ATTORNEYAccording to the Daily Beast, over 2000 Americans were injured in accidents relating to amusement park rides. The data comes from 10 states, with California and Pennsylvania accounting for about two thirds of the injuries, and Massachusetts, Alaska, and Nebraska recorded zero amusement park injuries. Injuries in the 830 accidents examined ranged from spinal cord injuries to concussions to simple bruises.

Note: This data are specific to one year, and most likely fluctuate from year to year.

  • Carousels: Carousels likely cause about 60 injuries in 2009.
  • Slides: Slides, slightly more dangerous due to the freedom of mobility they give to patrons, resulted in 69 injuries.
  • Flumes: Flume rides, or log rides, were responsible for 72 injuries.
  • Car Rides: Car rides very nearly came in at a draw with flume rides, at 73 injuries.
  • Alpine Slides: Alpine slides were responsible for 80 injuries.
  • Water Park Playgrounds: Though fairly intuitive, it’s nonetheless surprising that this “ride” made its way to the list, though it accounts for 84 injuries per year.
  • Wooden Roller Coaster Rides: Wooden roller coaster rides, not to be confused with steel and other roller coaster rides, accounted for 87 deaths
  • Boat Rides: 93 people were injured in 2009 because of boat ride accidents.
  • Water Slides: Though very similar to their counterpart, dry slides, water slides see a counterintuitive spike in numbers; 438 people were injured or killed in 2009.
  • Roller Coasters: Perhaps obviously, roller coasters take the top spot as the most dangerous amusement park rides out there. In 2009, roller coaster rides were responsible for 495 injuries or deaths.

In a different, later study in 2013, data collected from all states shows 5 main ride “types” that account for all injuries. Rollercoasters claimed the highest percentage, at 27%. Indeed, in 2013, a Texas woman fell to her death after her safety lock broke on the rollercoaster she was riding. Ferris Wheels claim the spot as the second highest cause of injury, at 20.7%. Water rides and spinning rides respectively account for 15.3% and 13.6%, while ambiguously termed “other” rides make up for the remaining 22.7%. It is important to note, however, that 28% of the actual deaths caused by roller coasters were work-related.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

If you or a family member has been injured because of an amusement park ride, you may have sufficient grounds for a personal injury case. Even if you are unsure of whether or not you will pursue legal action, don’t hesitate to take the necessary first steps essential to building a successful case. Every time your injuries hurt you, keep a detailed description of what hurts, when the pain began, the extent of the pain, and how it affects your daily life. If your injuries required you to seek any kind of medical attention, make sure your doctor keeps record of your injury as well, and let your doctor know you are thinking of pursuing legal action so that you will encounter fewer issues if you ask for the documents later.

If you are considering a personal injury filing for personal injury, you should also speak with an experienced lawyer who can help determine the worthiness of making the case. Not all injuries are serious enough to warrant the time and money you’d spend in a lawsuit. However, if your pain is serious or it has seriously affected your daily life, you probably have good grounds for a successful case.


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