San Bernardino Debuted New Bus Rapid Transit

In San Bernardino, California, the city debuted its’ new bus rapid transit line to the public. Citizens were enthusiastic about the sbX bus line, which would ride from Cal State to Loma Linda.

San Bernardino resident Nancy Presser, who rode the full line with her husband, states, “I can see us using it pretty frequently. It only took us about 10 minutes longer to get lunch that it would have by car, and we didn’t have to pay for gas or deal with the hassle. I really hope this is a sign of progressive improvements in the city”. Overall, the first day had “a good number of people and very positive reactions,” according to Omnitrans spokeswoman Wendy Williams. However, the day had its downside as well.

On the first day of passenger service, an SUV driving in a bus-only lane was hit by an sbX, injuring two people. A young girl was taken to the hospital with treatable injuries, and another woman drove herself to the hospital said Williams. The crash transpired at about 4p.m. on E Street just south of Mill Street, when the bus had about 10 people onboard. The SUV was able to drive away after police investigation, and the other passengers continued riding the sbX bus.

According to Wendy Williams, the SUV was making an illegal turn in front of the bus. “We really want to get the word out not to do that,” Williams said. The first day also faced several jaywalkers using the bus lane, but no additional injuries. The placement of the bus lanes, which are in the center of the street rather than along one side, is disputed by some residents. Some citizens are saying that it impedes their ability to turn left, which prevents them from visiting businesses on the other side of the street.

Still, many citizens claim they are more likely to use the bus lines new, because the new sbX buses are more convenient and pleasant to ride in. Any citizen riding a bus should know that, should they be involved with an accident or injury due to a bus, the proceedings are very different from those dealing with an accident with a private passenger vehicle. When dealing with a bus company, government entity, or insurance company, it is important to consult with a law firm that specialize in these circumstances, such as Welebir Law.

The new sbX bus line could be subject to becoming overloaded, aggressive drivers, inexperienced drives, faulty parts or equipments, and a host of other issues which all contribute to bus collision in California.

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