Many Injured in Building Explosion

Stock_000072197423_Full.jpFires and explosions generate tremendous heat and energy, which can result in devastating physical injuries. Victims can be left with severe disabilities and permanent scars, causing them to endure months of very painful treatment.

Thirty-two people were working at a chrome-polishing plant the other morning when they felt a huge explosion, followed by a wave of intense heat.

Many workers rushed out of the building. One worker reported, “They suffered burns all over their bodies; their skin was hanging off.”

The explosion left 11 workers injured, two critically, with burns over about 90 percent of their bodies, including their face and forearms. In addition to the two critical patients, four people had intermediate injuries and five others had minor injuries.

The major challenge in handling a fire case is to determine the so-called cause and origin

Fire officials reported that the blast was likely not caused by any chemicals used at the business, but possibly from a build-up of lint or dust in ducts in the building. The combination of lint and dust can be a volatile combination of flammable materials, according to fire officials.

The building was evacuated and nearby roads closed for the fire investigation. All 32 employees inside at the time of the blast were accounted for.

Officials from Cal-OSHA responded to begin their investigation into whether any workplace safety violations took place.

Apparently, in 2011, an inspection by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health found seven violations at the business, ranging from not properly training employees on hazardous substances to failing to monitor employees’ exposure to airborne contaminants. The company paid $1,975 in fines in a settlement.

My sincere wishes go out to the victims for a speedy and complete recovery.

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