A lot has changed in the way people eat today – most people are diet conscious, watch what they eat and how much they eat.

For the safety of consumers and to address the need for information on all food products, the food labeling law was created. The process of food labeling is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as well as the United States Department of Agriculture.

For the first time in 20 years, nutritional labels on food packages will be changed as health officials seek to reduce obesity and combat related diseases such as diabetes.

People are eating larger serving sizes although the rates of obesity, heart disease and stroke remain high. Those of you who watch your intake and check the labels – you’re in for a change.

Serving sizes will be made easier to understand, calories will be featured more prominently in bigger, bold-faced fonts, and added sugars will be included in the nutritional part of the label. The old labels focused more on fats, but calorie consumption is what really drives weight gain and obesity.

The Food and Drug Administration has proposed changes in labeling on food packaging, making up-to-date changes with the nutritional design and content – making them easier to read and understand.

According to a senior nutrition science and policy advisor in the FDA, “The goal is to make people aware of what they are eating and give them the tools to make healthy dietary choices throughout the day.”

For people with certain health issues and allergies, the information can be valuable.

The FDA estimated the cost to industry to update labels will be about $2 billion while the benefit to consumers is approximately $20 billion to $30 billion. The updates should take about three years or more to take effect.

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