Bicyclist Injured by Negligent Drivers

Understanding Statute of LimitationsBicycles are some of the easiest modes of transportation for those living in Southern California.

The warm weather, abundant sunshine and bicycle-friendly lanes on most roads, makes for a great place to commute or bicycle recreationally.

In some highly unfortunate cases, however, individuals may bestruck by negligent drivers on their bikes, causing serious injuries to the cyclist. Each year, hundreds of bicyclists are killed in accidents that are caused by negligent drivers who are distracted or just did not see them.

Many accidents happen when a cyclist loses control of his or her bike and crashes into a stationary object, such as a pole, curb or median. Injuries can also be caused by defective bike parts or unsafe riding conditions.

Bicycle accidents can occur anywhere on the road, but often happen in intersections. Cyclists must ride with the flow of traffic, stop at stop signs, and yield appropriately. They must follow the same rules as a driver of another type of vehicle.

In any type accident with an automobile, truck or bus, a cyclist is vulnerable to serious injury or death, especially if he or she wasn’t wearing a helmet. If this is the case a bicycle rider can be at a high risk for head injuries, including skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries.

In addition, a cyclist thrown from a bike may suffer spinal cord injuries, neck injuries or back injuries. Other injuries may include loss of limbs, multiple fracture injuries, broken bones or burn injuries.

If another persons negligent driving caused you to be seriously injured in a bike accident, you may be entitled to damages for your lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

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