National immunization Awareness Month

iStock_000004107146_LargeImmunization is the first defense against dangerous and potentially deadly diseases. Even adults need shots to prevent illnesses like the flu, measles, and tuberculosis. That’s why each year, the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention and National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases sponsors National Immunization Awareness Month.

The purpose of National Immunization Awareness Month (NAIM) is to emphasize the value of immunization across a lifespan. In 2014, the National Public Health Information Coalition has coordinated various activities and toolkits to encourage people to get immunized against infectious diseases. The toolkit includes important messages, sample media materials, social media content, and ideas for events.

Everyone is encouraged to take part in National Immunization Awareness Month and promote vaccines to their friends, family, and coworkers.We can all use the month of August to raise awareness about immunization within our community.

Some ideas to promote vaccines include:

  • Talk with friends, family members, and coworkers about how vaccines are just as important for adults as they are for children. People of all ages need to protect themselves from infectious diseases.
  • Encourage other people in your community to get their annual flu shot.
  • Invite a medical professional to speak at your work about why it’s important to get vaccinated.
  • Create a newsletter, listserv, or media release using this newsletter template.
  • Spread the word via social media by tweeting about National Immunization Awareness Month.
  • Add this Web badge to your website, blog, or social networking profile

People are also encouraged to get involved in by organizing awareness events, at a free or low-cost immunization clinic at a local community or health center.

Event hosts could do things like:

  • Hand out vaccination record cards with a space for people to record the names and dates of their shots. The cards could also include helpful facts, statistics, and relevant phone numbers.
  • Coordinate an educational event for the parents about the importance of getting vaccinated.
  • Post fliers around your office to remind people to get their shots and to promote your event.
  • Work with local summer camps to ensure children get important vaccinations before camp begins.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has made available a variety of resources that you can use if you organize an event, or just for general local outreach and education efforts for National Immunization Awareness Month.

  • Hang these posters around your workplace which stress the importance of young children getting immunized by age two.
  • Reach out on the internet with these video PSAs.
  • Use multimedia resources to educate others on the importance of vaccination for pre-teens and teens.
  • Reach out to college-age people about the importance of getting their shots.
  • Use this information to educate adults and healthcare workers about which shots they need.
  • Inform pregnant women about the importance of getting their newborns vaccinated from diseases like whooping cough.

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