Latest Consumer Product Recalls

On July 10, 2014 company Master Cutlery Inc. recalled about 4,000 units of their product the MTech USA Karambit Neck Knife and Sheath. The sheath does not securely hold the knife securely, which causes the knife to fall out the sheath unexpectedly which poses a risk of laceration to the user.

The recall affects the Karambit neck knife and sheath. The knife is half-moon shaped and measures 7 inches in length. The product was sold in an urban camo print. “MTech USA” is laser printed on the blade. Recalled knives will have model number MT-664UC-SO marked on the back of the knife.

The knife comes with an unmarked molded black sheath which is about 4.5 inches in length. The sheath includes a snap clip on the back which comes with a beaded lanyard chain. Replacement sheaths have “MTech USA” laser printed on the back.

The recalled knives were sold exclusively at Big 5 Sporting Goods stores between March 2014 and May 2014. Consumers are instructed to immediately cease using the knives and sheaths, store the knife and sheath in a secured area and contact Master Cutlery about receiving a free replacement sheath.

Also on July 10 company Lifeguard Press recalled their charging kits. The wall charger can overheat and emit smoke and sparks, which poses fire and burn risks, and the prongs on the charger can detach and remain in the electrical outlet, which poses a risk of electrical shock to consumers. So far about 25,400 units have been recalled.

The recall involves 7 models of charging kits with universal (USB) connectors that are used to recharge Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. The charging kits were sold under the, Jonathan Adler and Lilly Pulitzer brand names. Kits included a wall charger, a 12 to 24-volt car charger, a 30-pin USB cord and a Lightning port adapter.

The wall chargers are plastic cubes which are 1 ¼ inches long, 1 inch wide and ½ inch tall. The cubes have two metal prongs for plugging into an electrical outlet on one end and a USB port on the other end. wall chargers came in the colors yellow and black and white stripe. Jonathan Adler wall chargers came in multicolor and blue and white patterns.

Lilly Pulitzer wall chargers came in multicolor floral patterns. Currently Lifeguard Press has received 6 reports of the wall chargers emitting smoke and sparks, as well as 6 reports of prongs detaching from the plug, though no injuries have been reported.

Consumers are urged to immediately stop using the plugs and USB wall charger, and to contact Lifeguard Press for a full refund.

Also on July 10, company Gemini recalled approximately 31,000 units of their power adaptors and chargers, which were part of a promotional giveaway. The chargers can overheat and pose a burn risk to the user.

The recalled adaptors were plastic cubes printed with model number ADCP3-1000 on the side of the plug. The plugs are plastic cubes about 1 to 1 ¼ inches long, with 2 prongs on one side for an electrical outlet, and a USB port on the other side. Chargers came in colors black, blue, green, red, and white. The firm has heard 1 report of a customer who burned their hand on the adaptor.

Customers are urged to immediately stop using the recalled charges and to throw them away.


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