More & More Reports Of Injuries in Personal Care Facilities

The decision to put someone you love into a nursing home or care facility is never an easy decision.

Nursing homes are for people who can no longer take care of themselves because of old age or a disability. These days more and more people are entering nursing homes. Even though friends and family can visit that person at any time, the experience can be depressing for the one who now lives there.

California, which is home to more assisted living facilities than any other state, currently maintains one of the loosest regulatory regimes in the country, with minimal fines and infrequent inspections. Ranging in scale from a handful of beds to hundreds, assisted living facilities provide housing and day-to-day help to the elderly and disabled.

A few years ago, nursing homes and personal care facilities had one of the highest rates of injury and illness among industries for which lost workday and illness rates are calculated.

Did you read in the news the other day about the care facility where two disabled women died? Over the years in operation, only occasional concerns were noted.

Apparently they conducted a fire drill in July 2013, and reported that its five residents needed only a few seconds to escape through the front and back doors. All had physical disabilities, but were able to walk on their own according to records.

The most recent state inspection, also in July 2013, found broken lighting face plates in the hallway, a broken electrical receptacle in one bedroom and three stove burners that didn’t work. All were fixed by the time state inspectors paid a surprise visit one month later.

The facility was cited in 2011 for some smoke alarms that were not operating as designed, but those were fixed the same day.

The deaths of these two women are under investigation at this time. My condolences go to their families.

Over the past decades, the public has been made aware of this growing problem within our society. This has led to the federal and state legislatures enacting laws to protect nursing home residents.

California lawmakers have recently unveiled numerous legislative proposals aimed at stiffening regulations governing the state’s roughly 7,700 assisted living facilities, residences that offer room and care to thousands of frail or ailing people, most of them seniors.

Individuals reside at nursing homes or long-term care facilities to ensure that they are well cared for. Patients may be any age; however, most are elderly persons who need assistance with basic care.

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