Four Important Facts To Tell Your Injury Attorney

With medical bills mounting and the details of a recent auto accident swirling around inside your head, you might be asking yourself: “How do I find a lawyer that can best represent my specific case?” The answer is easy, but it requires you ensuring you have the following information on hand. Consider this your post-auto accident checklist for the benefit of both your car injury attorney and your case. So, what will your car accident injury attorney actually need to know? Determine if they are the right law firm to best represent you, and can best present your case in court.

The Details Of The Incident

This is likely the first thing you’ll want to go over with your attorney in order to ensure he or she has a complete picture of what happened. Set up a meeting with your legal team and recount the events of the accident exactly as you remember them. This will not only help your lawyer frame a good case, but often, it can be oddly therapeutic for you, too, to get all these traumatic details out of your head.

Your Medical History

These details are paramount when dealing with a personal injury case. Any injuries you sustained in the actual accident are important, obviously, but your pre-existing conditions can be just as crucial. You’ll want to tell your accident injury attorneys every detail about your medical history so they will know what to expect. You don’t want the other side to bring up something your legal team is unprepared for.

Your Legal History

If you’ve had similar accidents in the past, it might be a good idea to let your new auto injury attorney know. Similarly, if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime or have any kind of criminal record, that’s definitely information you’ll want to disclose to your lawyer. You might not think it matters or you might be afraid of how it will affect the way your attorney views you, but the truth is, in order to provide the best representation they can, these legal teams need to get the most accurate, complete picture of your legal history.

Your Financial Situation

It’s easy for an experienced legal pro to paint a plaintiff as someone just looking to make a quick buck, especially if the person has been involved in other lawsuits in the past. A big part of the “How do I find a lawyer?” solution is full disclosure. You want your legal team to best be able to represent the person of you, and the best way to make that happen is to give your legal team the most information about you that you possibly can, and that includes any financial troubles you might currently be in the midst of.

Remember, staring blankly at yourself in the mirror, pondering aloud, “How do I find a lawyer?” is not going to help you receive compensation for your auto accident. The only way you can do that is to start the process — look up firms, make some phone calls, read reviews online. When you finally find a team you like, stick with them and see what they can do for you.

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