In times of emergency, patients turn to hospitals and surgical facilities for treatment. Unfortunately, the quality of care provided at one hospital can be substantially different from what is provided at another facility. If a hospital makes a mistake, it can result in serious injuries, or even death, for the patient.

Medical professionals are trusted with your most important asset – your health.

We expect doctors and health care workers to do their best, but unfortunately, there are times when patients are injured because they received treatment that was below the accepted standard of care. When medical professionals breech the duty of care they owe to their patients and that breech results in injury, it is called medical malpractice.

Thousands of incidents happen every year. It has been estimated that close to 100,000 deaths are caused by preventable medical errors each year.

Most recently – three Orange County hospitals have been fined in the deaths of three patients. One hospital was fined $75,000 for its fourth penalty, while the other two were fined $50,000 each for their third penalties. The dollar amount of the fines is based on how many previous penalties a hospital has received.

State investigators indicated that in one hospital, a woman died in 2012 after delivering a baby by cesarean section when nurses failed to inform her doctor of her changing medical condition. After the birth, the woman’s blood pressure dropped and her heart rate increased significantly. Those symptoms are indicative of moderate to severe bleeding.

Bottom line – the woman was taken to the mother-baby unit where she suffered a seizure and heart attack hours later. She later died. Had her condition been reported, she may have been alive to enjoy her new baby today.

In a second hospital, a woman died after falling off a table during a catheter procedure. She was taking anti-clotting medication, which put her at greater risk for bleeding. She underwent dilation of arterial blockage in her legs. After removal of the catheter, two technicians worked to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. While she was being turned on the slippery table, she fell and hit her head, causing a blood clot under her skull. She died two days later.

At the third hospital, a woman died after a nurse gave her an overdose of a sedative before an endoscopy procedure. According to reports, the doctor gave a verbal order to the nurse who failed to follow hospital procedure and read back the order before administering the medication. She gave approximately four times the amount ordered and the woman stopped breathing. She died nine days later.

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