Legal Lessons Learned on Facebook

For those of you who aren’t aware, Facebook just celebrated its 10th Birthday.

Although social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, can pose dangers, there are a number of current research studies showing important benefits. For example, using social media can provide opportunities to develop social and technical skills that teens need to function in today’s society.

It can improve a child’s communication skills and offer opportunities to make new friends. Not everyone on social media is a predator or threat – there are many individuals around the world who are eager to meet new friends and exchange ideas. This is a great way to connect to the outside world.

Disadvantages include the potential avoidance of interacting face to face, cyber bullying, and on-line predators. Additionally, social networking can be a real time waster and highly addictive.

However, users should be reminded about how status updates and comments can sometimes lead to negative legal consequences in real life.

Whether you use Facebook to promote your business, keep in touch with friends, or find out the latest news, the following are ten legal lessons to pay attention to, use, and always remember:

  1. Police look on Facebook. They can use your activity as evidence of a crime or to arrest you. Many report their every move for the world to see. Think before you hit that ‘post’ button.
  2. Watch out for ‘jokes’. Remember, a joke isn’t a joke unless all parties are laughing. Some sarcastic comments can be interpreted as serious threats that may be reported to the police. Consider keeping stupid or tasteless thoughts to yourself.
  3. Don’t post photos that can get you into trouble down the road. This includes photos of people involved in illegal activity that can be used to incriminate them or photos that you really don’t want your mom and dad to see.
  4. A “like” can be protected by the First Amendment.
  5. A “like” can be used for commercial purposes without consent. Once your information or photos are out there for anyone to see, keep in mind that it’s out there for anyone to use for any purpose.
  6. Again, unwanted photos can be an invasion of privacy. Posting photos of other people can potentially lead to an invasion of privacy lawsuit under certain circumstances.
  7. Don’t insult anyone, especially your employer. Watch what you post and the information you share. Remember, anyone can see this.
  8. Posts can affect your future. Posting ignorant things can be seen by a potential employer – preventing you from getting the job you really wanted.
  9. Impacting your divorce proceedings. Think twice, maybe more, about airing your negative and angry feelings about your soon-to-be ex-spouse. If these posts are shown to the judge, it can affect the court’s decision in awarding custody or spousal support amounts.
  10. Maybe you should just keep your daily activities to yourself. Have you heard about quitters sometimes win?

Maybe it’s time to just log off, pick up the phone and call your friends and family or better still, visit them in person.

You might think that posting your every move on Facebook is all fun and games, but what happens when the law gets involved? So, if you’re using Facebook, be smart and post responsibly.

Because social media is both common and permanent, what you project on Facebook or Twitter can be damaging to your personal injury claim’s success.

It’s easy for you to say one thing, mean something entirely different, and yet still be considered an untrustworthy source of information. For example, if you get rear-ended by another vehicle and go onto Facebook and make a sarcastic wall post saying that you are feeling fine – then it is not unlikely that the other side would exploit that.

If you are involved in any type of personal injury accident due to the negligent actions of another person, contact the experienced San Bernardino personal injury attorneys in the law offices of Welebir Law.

Make sure to discuss any information you want to post on social media with your attorney first.

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