Risks Associated with Surgery

Portrait of a Male Surgeon At WorkIf you are planning to have surgery, your biggest concern should be the final outcome.

Ask yourself, “Will your life be improved by the procedure or do the risks outweigh the rewards.” No surgery is risk free, but understanding the possible complications can help you make a better decision.

Immediately before your surgery, your doctor will discuss and explain the potential risks associated with your surgery. This process is called informed consent and is necessary before the surgery can be performed.

While the idea of going under may worry you, the risks of anesthesia are few these days. Even so, anesthesia does still pose some risks, including:

  • Insertion of the breathing tube
  • Malignant hyperthermia – a reaction that causes the patient’s temperature to rise quickly and is life threatening.

All surgeries have some bleeding, but bleeding beyond the normal amount can make a transfusion necessary. Another risk is the occurrence of blood clots, which can start in the area of surgery or be caused by inactivity during recovery. Most post-operative patients are given medications to help prevent the formation of clots.

All surgeries, whether elective or absolutely necessary, carry a risk of death. When considering a non-essential procedure, such as plastic surgery, the seriousness of surgery should be considered when making the decision to have the procedure.

Some patients take longer to heal than others; however, most patients can be removed from the breathing machine at the end of the surgery while others require it longer.

A number of complications can arise during and after surgery no matter how invasive or non-invasive the procedure is. Some complications occur because of an infection, others occur because the body cannot handle the trauma of surgery.

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