Drowning, The Dangers of Back Yard Pools

Drowning is a quick, silent event.

Known as the silent killer, drowning happens quietly, quickly, and usually out of sight. When your child is in the water, someone should always be assigned to watch – be a lifeguard. What frequently happens is someone watching a child gets distracted and the child wanders off into the pool. By the time the caretaker notices, it’s too late. Make sure you and your child’s caregiver are aware of potential pool hazards.

Did you know, for children ages one through four, most drownings occur in home swimming pools?

It takes only minutes for a potential swimming pool accident to happen and the risk of an individual to drown, it often occurs quietly when an unsupervised child is near water. Drowning victims typically cannot cry for help or even make a sound.

Never leave a child unattended near water in a pool, bathtub, bucket or ocean. There is no substitute for adult supervision.

A common misconception about drowning is that kids are only in danger in big bodies of water. NOT true. It only takes one inch of water for a child to drown, making common household containers, like buckets, bathtubs and large pet water bowls a hazard.

If you take the right precautions, drowning deaths can be prevented:

  • Surround your pool with a childproof fence at least 60” tall, with a self-closing, self-latching gate
  • Keep rescue equipment, a phone, and important numbers poolside, so that you never have to leave the pool area in the event of an emergency
  • Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Assign an adult who knows how to swim to be a “water watcher” during pool parties
  • Do not consider children drown-proof because they’ve had swimming lessons
  • Never rely on personal flotation devices to keep your child safe

When the summer begins and the sun comes out, so do many children. There’s nothing children love more than to splash around in the pool. However, with the dangers that swimming pools present, your neighbor’s backyard can easily become a dangerous area.

But, before the fun begins, safety should come first. Remember – Simple precautions save lives.

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