Amusement Parks, Pushing The Limits of Safety

Summer is over, but amusement parks are open all-year round. Who hasn’t seen the ever-present advertisements on television and billboards that fuel expectations of care-free enjoyment?

When children and families visit amusement parks, they expect fun-filled days; they do not expect danger or a visit to the emergency room. Many of the parks have thrill rides that are complex machines, capable of hurling riders at unprecedented speed with remarkable force. They often push the limits of physical tolerance for the patrons who ride them.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the recent amusement park accident at a Connecticut fair? Twelve children and one adult were on a ride that apparently broke down, sending the swinging riders crashing into one another when the ride came to a sudden halt.

The ride lifts riders up and away as it spins. According to investigators, a mechanical failure caused the ride to stop suddenly and those on board collided with each other.

All thirteen individuals were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. An 8-year old boy was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

My sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to all the victims.

Although the above accident happened in another state, California is home to many great tourist attractions, including Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, and numerous water parks.

We all love a day at an amusement park or local fair. According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, approximately 5,000 individuals end up in emergency rooms every year due to an amusement park ride injury.

Being injured at an amusement park, whether on a roller coaster ride or on the park grounds, can cause serious injury. If you or a loved one has been injured at an amusement park, make sure to contact the San Bernardino personal injury attorneys at Welebir Law A Professional Law Corporation.

You may be entitled to various types of financial compensation, including payment for your past and future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. call or send us a message today.


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