Job Stress: Far More Common

Are you aware that accidents in the workplace and stress caused by an employer are all too common and happen to thousands on a daily basis?

What is Job Stress?

Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury.

The concept of job stress is often confused with challenge, but these concepts are not the same:

Challenge energizes us psychologically and physically, and it motivates us to learn new skills and master our jobs. When a challenge is met, we feel relaxed and satisfied. Thus, challenge is an important ingredient for healthy and productive work. The importance of challenge in our work lives is probably what people are referring to when they say “a little bit of stress is good for you.

What Are Some Causes For Job Related Stress?

The Design of Tasks. Heavy workload, infrequent rest breaks, long work hours and shiftwork; hectic and routine tasks that have little inherent meaning, do not utilize workers’ skills, and provide little sense of control.

Management Style. Lack of participation by workers in decision- making, poor communication in the organization, lack of family-friendly policies.

Interpersonal Relationships. Poor social environment and lack of support or help from coworkers and supervisors.

Work Roles. Conflicting or uncertain job expectations, too much responsibility, too many “hats to wear.”

Career Concerns. Job insecurity and lack of opportunity for growth, advancement, or promotion; rapid changes for which workers are unprepared.

Environmental Conditions. Unpleasant or dangerous physical conditions such as crowding, noise, air pollution, or ergonomic problems.

More often than not employees are doubtful if they want to sue an employer they wonder “Can I sue for financial compensation without losing my job?” How can I do this?

If you have been injured on-the-job or if you have been subjected to stress at work, the first and most important step for you to take is to have your injuries assessed by the onsite nurse or local hospital emergency room.

It is important to receive the correct treatment for your injuries. Visiting a medical professional will ensure that your injuries are documented in case you go to trial. In addition, make sure your incident is well-documented at work and remember to get the name of any witnesses.

To answer your question about losing your job – you should not worry because your employer has a duty to ensure that you are safe during working hours and are not injured as a result of a negligent act. You are entitled to receive compensation for any injuries you have sustained.

If you have been injured in an accident at work and wish to sue your employer for stress or injury compensation, contact a personal injury attorney who has been successful in work-related accident claims.

Contact the San Bernardino personal injury law offices of Welebir Law. They will advise you of your options and tell you how best to communicate with your employer while going through this process.


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