Do You Want To Be An Air Force Pilot

Being a pilot is not an easy job, but it seems it is also not good for your brain. If you are thinking about becoming a pilot read on.

According to a new study, “High-altitude U-2 pilots in the Air Force have a poorly understood type of brain lesion three times as often and four times as large as those seen in the brains of other military personnel.”

The study states that decompression can result in tiny nitrogen gas bubbles that form in the blood and coalesce in the blood vessels of the joints or skin. The bubbles not only can make a person ill, but can cause damage to his or her brain, such as multiple small strokes. It is caused when pressure around the person plummets. It affects not only high-altitude pilots, but miners, mountain climbers and scuba divers as well.

The number of incidents rose during the years between 2006 and 2010; however, an increased number of brain lesions were found even when the pilots had not experienced decompression sickness.

Keep in mind – any person exposed to extreme altitudes is at risk, including mountain climbers and deep-sea divers.

Each year two million people suffer brain injuries in the United States. Of those, at least 500,000 suffer some form of disability and more than 80,000 are left with significant, irreversible, long-term damage.

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