Obamacare May Affect Injury Claims

Do you have questions regarding Obamacare? You are not alone. Would you be surprised to learn that Obamacare might have a big effect on your injury claims?

Presently, hospitals have at least two tiers of rates they charge patients – one for uninsured peopleand the other for those who have health insurance.

Beginning on January 1, 2014, Obamacare, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Actrequires individuals to maintain a minimum level of health insurance. If you choose to not meet the law’s requirements, you will have to pay a penalty.

However, there are exemptions for certain groups of people who do not have to abide by the Affordable Care Act’s provisions, as stated in Section 5000A of the tax code.
According to the law, these people are individuals:

  • Who cannot afford coverage – In 2014, when the premium of the individual’s share of an employer-sponsored plan exceeds 8 percent of their household income
  • With household incomes below the filing threshold – someone who doesn’t have to file a federal income tax return
  • With a hardship – such as being homeless, filing for bankruptcy, being a recent victim of domestic violence, having been evicted in the past six months
  • Who experience a short coverage gap – a lapse in coverage of less than three months in the calendar year
  • Who are lawfully present – not a U. S. citizen or national
  • Who are incarcerated – in jail, prison or other penal institutions
  • Members of federally recognized Indian tribes
  • Members of certain religious sects – must be recognized by the Social Security Administration as being conscientiously opposed to accepting any insurance benefits
  • Members of a health care sharing ministry – qualified non-profit health care sharing ministries must meet the tax code’s definition and must have been in existence since at least December 31, 1999

If you believe you may qualify for one of these Obamacare exemptions, the method for claiming it varies, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

If you are now covered under insurance obtained because of the Affordable Care Act and are having problems with a hospital or doctor bill after being injured in an automobile accident, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at the law offices of Welebir Law for the answers you need and deserve.

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