Did you know that every day in the United States people die as a result of unintentional poisoning?

Poison is any substance that is harmful to your body if too much is eaten, inhaled, injected or absorbed through the skin.

A recent study showed that more than 500,000 children in this country have unacceptably high levels of lead in their systems.

The report goes on to state that “the number of children with lead poisoning has doubled after the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lowered the threshold for lead poisoning in 2012 from 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood to 5 micrograms.”

It is unbelievable and unthinkable, but the report also says that “one in 38 young children have lead poisoning in the United States.” It is important to determine if your home, your child’s daycare center or school has unsafe paint. If you feel like you may be exposing your child to this type of environment,and it may be the cause of your child present condition, seek an attorney experienced in injury cases.

Lead poisoning is found in older homes that are in a state of disrepair, possibly painted with paint manufactured prior to 1978 when lead was banned in household paints – or peeling and chipped paint.

Lead poisoning can lead to:

  • irreversible organ damage
  • learning and developmental disabilities
  • memory problems
  • attention deficit
  • decreased growth
  • impaired hearing
  • cognitive deficits
  • permanent brain damage/swelling of the brain
  • comatose

The CDC reported that last year approximately 535,000 children under the age of 5 had high levels of lead in their systems.

Children with this type of poisoning will require assistance for the rest of their lives, and your health may be significantly impacted as well.

Contact the San Bernardino law offices of Welebir Law if you have any questions regarding lead poisoning. Our attorneys are committed to fighting for you and pursuing the best possible financial position to take care of yourself and any affected loved ones.

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