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Swimming pools provide countless hours of refreshing recreation for people throughout California. Unfortunately, negligence in the construction, maintenance and supervision of swimming pools also provides countless dangers to participants. Every day, about ten people die from drowning, and on average two of those are children under the age of 14. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury or death for children between the ages of 1 and 14. In addition to the deaths from drowning, there are many near drownings which may cause brain damage, resulting in permanent disabilities.

If you are injured in a pool accident or you’ve lost a family member because he or she drowned in a pool where the basic safety features were not in place, you have the right to file a civil personal injury suit.

Holding the Liable Party Responsible

Pool owners have a responsibility to ensure that their pool facilities maintain a reasonable level of safety. That means that uncovered pools must be covered, fences must be placed around the area, and signs must be placed to explain the risk of danger and the water’s depth. Supervision would also be considered as a reasonable precaution when people are present. The owner may be found responsible if they have not demonstrated care for those who visit their pool. In some cases, even if the victim was found to be trespassing, the owner may be held responsible. Our firm can help you gain a clearer understanding of your case. It is essential to ensure that you obtain professional legal assistance.

Here For You After An Accident

We represent clients who have suffered a wide range of swimming pool injuries, including those involving:

  • Defective pool pumps and filters that cause explosions
  • Failure to properly secure a swimming pool area
  • Failure to post required warning signs and depth markers
  • Failure to monitor children
  • Pool drain defects

Swimming pool injuries can include brain injuries and spinal cord injuries from diving into water that isn’t deep enough or falling on the cement pool deck. Pool chemicals can cause caustic burns and pool pumps and filters can cause devastating injuries.

If you have been injured or if someone you love is a victim of a swimming pool injury, please contact the personal injury lawyers of Welebir Law for a free consultation about your case. With all of the experience that we bring to the table, we are the best choice in the Southern California area for anyone who has a catastrophic injury relating to swimming pool accidents. You can contact us and talk with us about your case during an initial, free consultation. You will not have to pay any legal fees unless you receive money from your case. Instead of trying to settle the case on your own, make sure you speak with us.


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