Women Dies On Roller Coaster Ride

Hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world come to sunny California to visit our theme parks – they have been places for fun family outings for generations. They come to ride roller coasters, eat lots of food and meet their favorite cartoon characters. Unfortunately, some of them are seriously injured in accidents at theme parks every year.

Theme parks invest heavily in making bigger, better, faster and scarier rides than their competition. Sometimes this means there is a lack of focus on safety.

Even though the following did not happen in California, it could have. Recently, a woman riding a 14-story roller coaster at Six Flags in Texas fell from the attraction, according to witnesses. Apparently, when the ride dropped to come down to the starting point, the safety bar released and the woman tumbled out of the car.

Other witnesses say all they saw was the women falling off the ride, which was billed the tallest steel hybrid roller coaster in the world.

Another women waiting in line to go on the ride said that her seat wasn’t secured, she felt unsafe asking for the employees to secure the seat and they said it was ok as long as she heard the click, it was suppose to have clicked three times and hers only clicked once.

Some rides are dangerous even if they are working right and some rides break and malfunction, causing injury or death.

My sincere condolences go out to the family of the victim at this tragic time.

If you have been injured through the negligence or recklessness of a theme park, it’s no laughing matter. Contact the San Bernardino personal injury law offices of Welebir Law. We will stand up for you and demand justice is served.

The attorneys at Welebir Law have handled many cases against amusement parks both large and small. Workers and visitors alike are exposed to experiences designed to thrill, but that can be extremely hazardous if equipment is improperly maintained, designed or operated.


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