Hands Free Is Not Risk Free

Drivers are aware that they should focus on the roads when behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, in today’s multi-tasking world, distractions are the norm. They do just about anything while driving – all of these activities divert attention from the one activity that everyone’s safety depends on – driving.

The slightest distraction can endanger your life, your passengers, another driver or a pedestrian crossing the street. Distracted driving is a deadly behavior. Each year, drivers rank distraction as a serious problem and a behavior that makes them feel less safe on the road. Statistics indicate that distraction contributes to 16% of all fatal crashes, or 5,000 deaths every year.

These types of distractions include, but are not limited to:

  • Using a cell phone to talk or text
  • Eating and drinking
  • Grooming yourself
  • Talking to passengers
  • Using a navigation system or road map
  • Adjusting the radio, CD player or MP3 player

The Automobile Club of America Foundation for Traffic Safety recently uncovered new findings about distracted driving. According to their study, hands-free technologies might make it easier for motorists to talk or text while driving, but dangerous mental distractions exist even when drivers keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

The research found that as, “Mental workload and distractions increase reaction time slows, brain function is compromised, drivers scan the road less and miss visual cues, potentially resulting in drivers not seeing items right in front of them, including stop signs and pedestrians.”

AAA Foundation President and CEO Peter Kissinger stated, “Increased mental workload and cognitive distractions can lead to a type of tunnel vision or inattention blindness where motorists don’t see potential hazards right in front of them.”

It is recommended that motorists:

  • Limit use of voice-activated technology to core driving-related activities
  • Disable functionalities of voice-to-text technologies
  • Learn the responsible use and safety risks for in-vehicle technologies

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