Americans use thousands of different products every day. Each of these products could potentially be defective, and some defects cause injury. A defective product could be a car, infant safety seat, child’s swing set, food item, prescription drug or a tool.

Tesla Motors reported that their Model S electric car has suffered its third fire in six weeks.

This recent fire occurred in Tennessee; the driver was lucky and was not injured. According to Tesla Motors, a team has been sent to investigate the incident and determine what caused it.

The first fire occurred two months ago near Seattle when the car collided with a large piece of metal debris in the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there was no evidence to indicate a vehicle defect. The driver was not injured.

The second fire took place soon after in Mexico. According to reports, the car drove through a roundabout, crashed through a concrete wall and hit a tree. Again, the driver was not injured.

The third fire that happened in Tennessee occurred when the electric car ran over a tow hitch that hit the undercarriage of the vehicle – causing an electrical fire. The company said it was the result of the accident and not a spontaneous event.

The undercarriage has armor plating that is supposed to protect the lithium-ion battery pack. The company said presently, it didn’t know whether the fire involved the car’s battery. The battery pack is made up of small lithium-ion battery cells, which are also used in laptop computers. Currently, no other automaker uses this approach.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol did not say how fast the vehicle was traveling, but the driver was able to pull off the road and get out of the car.

Tesla is not the only automaker who has dealt with battery fires – General Motors Volt and Mitsubishi Motors Corp’s i-MiEV are included.

Tesla’s chief executive defended the safety performance of electric cars. He stated, “For consumers concerned about fire risk, there should be absolutely zero doubt that it is safer to power a car with a battery than a conventional gas-powered vehicle.”

Any person, who is injured by a defective product, including an electric car, has a right to sue the manufacturer for the injuries incurred. Product liability laws were created to help and protect consumers who have been harmed by products that they trusted.

When we purchase a product from a retailer or manufacturer, we do not expect it to break or fail, and we especially don’t expect to be injured by using that product.

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