Millions of people use elevators and escalators every day in skyscrapers, hotels, office buildings, airports, sporting facilities, malls and apartment buildings – to name a few.

They rarely consider that they could cause harm. Unfortunately, people do end up seriously injured in elevators or on escalators due to equipment failures, design flaws, poorly maintained equipment and lack of routine inspection.

There are approximately 33,000 escalators operating in the United States – much less than the number of elevators. Statistics show that injuries occur more frequently on escalators, about 15 times more frequently than elevators.

Although entrapment, in which a body part or piece of clothing becomes wedged in the gaps between the moving parts of an escalator, is often a high-profile issue because those incidents typically involve small children, falls on and over escalators account for 75 percent of escalator injuries. Falls often cause more severe injuries and more fatalities.

In addition, slip or trip and fall injuries are common in escalators and elevators. This may be due to improper maintenance.

There are two distinct types of fall incidents – those that occur on the escalator and those that result in a passenger falling over the handrail of an escalator. Researchers have attributed falls to contact with another person, inappropriate footwear, loss of balance and coordination issues.

Falls over the handrails often have been attributed to misuse, such as jumping from one level to another or trying to ride by sitting on the handrail. However, falls have also resulted when a passenger leans over too far, inadvertently dropping a child who was being carried.

If you or a loved one is hurt in an elevator or escalator accident due to the negligent actions of a manufacturer or property owner, you need the expertise of a skilled personal injury attorney.

The San Bernardino personal injury accident attorneys at Welebir Law will help you make sound decisions regarding your injury and your claim. We can help you recover maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost income, emotional trauma and pain and suffering from the responsible parties.

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