What do you have to say that can’t wait until you are out of your vehicle? Do yourself and others on the road a favor and wait until you are at your final destination to use your cell phone. Driving on New Jersey roads is dangerous enough without the added risk of cell phone usage.

According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, 25 percent of all car accidents are caused by distractions on the road, such as cell phone usage. Did you know that cell phones used while driving are responsible for more than 600,000 accidents, over 300,000 injuries and thousands of deaths every year?

Even though handheld cell phones have been banned in a number of states, people are still caught using them. Why not give yourself a great Christmas gift? Buy yourself a hands-free set. And, don’t stop there; buy one for your family as well.

Keep your eyes open for those who have the need to text and talk on the phone while behind the wheel. You can spot them – they are the ones driving erratically. They may be going too slow in the fast lane or not checking their blind spots during lane changes.

You’ll see them because they clearly demonstrate that their attention is not on the road. Try not to get stuck behind them and get out of their lane as soon as you safely can.

Using your cell phone to talk or text can cause an accident that can take away your friends and family in a minute. Staying off the phone and making sure that those you love talk hands free is a very easy thing to do in order to prevent accidents and keep them safe.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident as a result of cell phone use while driving, the personal injury attorneys in the law offices of Welebir Law APLC can help you receive compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

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