The Effects Of Alcohol Advertising In Teenagers Increased Drunk Driving Accidents

Research clearly indicates that in addition to parents and peers, alcohol advertising has made a significant impact on a youth’s decision to drink.

Today, more and more teenagers are drinking alcohol; this has become a major problem in the United States.

In a survey taken at Georgetown University, almost three-fourths of parents surveyed believe that seeing alcohol ads have a serious effect on teenagers and inspire them to take a drink.

On the other hand, the alcohol industry, The Distilled Spirits Council, responded with, “The distilled spirits industry is and has been a leader in working with communities to stop illegal drinking by those under the legal purchase age.”

In addition, they believe that many studies have shown that parents have the biggest influence over their child’s decision to drink. He cited a report by saying, “71 percent of young people said that their parents influenced their decision to drink and only five percent said that advertising inspired them to drink.”

A study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine randomly surveyed individuals aged 15 to 26 years of age. When asked if alcohol advertising on billboards, in newspapers, and on television and radio affected the drinking of these young people, those who watched more advertising drank more alcohol and the more advertising they saw, the more their drinking increased.

Teenage drinking and driving causes thousands of preventable deaths every year and seriously injures thousands more people. Parents can prevent these accidents by discouraging their teens from driving drunk or riding with a drunk driver.

Teen drunk driving is a serious problem for teens. Statistics show:

  • Vehicle accidents are the number one killer of teens aged 15 to 20
  • One-third of teen traffic deaths are alcohol-related
  • More than 400,000 teens suffer serious driving-related injuries every year; many are alcohol related
  • 3 out of 4 teens killed while driving under the influence were not wearing seatbelts

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol has become a large part of American culture and it probably won’t change in the near future – if ever. Accidents are bound to happen; however, when alcohol is involved, the possibility of an accident that causes injuries increases significantly.

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