Were you Injured on an Airplane during your Flight?

Were you Injured on an Airplane during your Flight?

It has been said that air travel is safer than riding in an automobile – and in most cases that is true.

However, injuries do occasionally occur, especially when there is air turbulence. While turbulence causes a great deal of injuries, injuries have also been reported from baggage falling from overhead bins and encounters with moving food carts. Determining who will be held accountable from these injuries can vary from situation to situation.

Negligence can play a big part on a plane. The airline, as well as any employee of the airline, can be held liable for negligence. What happens if the airline fails to maintain proper upkeep on the aircraft and a passenger trips and falls on a fraying piece of carpet? The airline can be held liable for not keeping that item in safe condition.

If a mechanical failure occurred, it may have been the result of either faulty equipment, which is the fault of the manufacturer, or the maintenance crew, who was responsible for making sure the aircraft was operational at all levels.

If a crash occurred as the result of negligence, the pilot can be held responsible for not properly understanding his or her aircraft and how to operate it.

The airline and the flight attendants are responsible for making sure all passengers are properly seated, and they must assist all passengers in and out of the aircraft before and after flying.

Depending on the extent of the damages incurred, the injured party will have to determine who is responsible and whether what occurred was the result of negligence. Airlines and airplane manufacturers have a duty to perform their functions to the best of their ability – anything less is liable in court, especially if an injury occurred.

If you have been injured while on a flight, contact the San Bernardino personal injury law offices of Welebir | Tierney who will discuss your legal rights and options with you.


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