Who's To Blame In A Truck Accident?

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, most often affecting the occupants of the smaller vehicle involved in the collision.

Are you aware that a big-rig truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds while passenger vehicles average about 4,000 pounds?

In the event that a truck crashes into a passenger vehicle, it is highly unlikely that the passengers in the car will escape uninjured. In most cases, a victim of a truck-related accident can face up to weeks, months or even a lifetime of pain and suffering. Some may never walk again.

Truck accidents can be devastating. Determining who is to blame is not always easy. And, if you can’t determine who is at fault, how can you hope to obtain fair compensation? Any of the following may be to blame:

  • The driver – Truck drivers drive for long periods of time, causing them fatigue. If the driver is tired and/or over the hours of operation limit regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, he or she may be responsible for the accident. What if the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol? In that case, chances are the driver will be at fault for the accident. Oftentimes a truck driver is responsible when he or she is not paying attention of not controlling the speed.
  • The trucking company – They may be held liable if they fail to train their drivers properly, hire inexperienced drivers, fail to maintain their trucks, and fail to administer drug tests or pressure their drivers to drive more hours than those permitted by law.
  • The vehicle manufacturer – Sometimes the vehicle has a defect – brakes, hitch, tires or other component of the truck.

Considering the dramatic impact that an accident with an 18-wheeler, big-rig or other large truck may have on the victim, it is important to consider what options you may have in seeking financial compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering.

Depending on the circumstances of your specific accident, it may be difficult for you to know who is to blame. Even though it may seem like the driver’s mistakes may make them at fault, the law may actually place the majority of the blame on the driver’s employer instead.

Knowing who is liable for causing these accidents is an important first step towards fighting for compensation.

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